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Heikki Tiihonen

+358 400 251 519



Heikki Eino Tiihonen, founding team player, coach, team leader. Three decades in the insurance industry in various roles. Passionate about helping companies and people succeed and prosper. A coach of people who has taken a lot from his adult studies into his everyday life and for whom encounters are always important. Feet on the ground, heart warm and head in the clouds. Celebrations are important, but a good everyday life is the best. Helping companies with risk management, safety at work, finance and various change situations. Experiences as a leader and member of great communities.  Proud of his home team; wife met in the military and two daughters in PhD studies. A place of his own is best found in the kitchen for the brave experimenter. Sport has always played an important part in his role as a player or coach. Basketball still bounces and a round of golf doesn't need much coaxing. "Together we can do this."

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