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Teemu Vuorinen

+358 400 610 041



Teemu is a barefooted Tampere native who, during his career spanning over fifteen years as a personnel consultant, has sought experiences in Helsinki's professional life by commuting there daily at some point. According to his Helsinki colleagues, he hasn't managed to eliminate the Tampere dialect, but there hasn't been a need for that either, as we are proudly embracing our backgrounds. Before his career as a consultant, Teemu worked in the industry in export roles, at a technical trade wholesaler, and in retail. Managing the active hobbies of three children has kept Teemu busy in the driver's seat, but now the children are taking over the wheel themselves, and he is starting to find more time for his own hobbies again. He has several hobbies related to sports, with ice hockey remaining the most important. Working in a good team and achieving common goals was motivating in hockey, and it's the same in the professional world. In his current job, Teemu's task is to help clients build winning teams and witness their success in their own field.

Education: KTM, JOKO

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